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Happy Kiss Day Wishes

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On this kiss day, lots of kisses to the most handsome boy from the most beautiful girl. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kisses make me feel loved. I love you, baby. Happy Kiss Day!

Your one kiss can make my day better. I love you. Happy Kiss Day!

You know what doctors say, Kissing is good for health. It increases your life and keeps you alive. Let’s kiss now. Happy Kiss Day!

One of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to the one you love is a loving kiss. Happy Kiss Day!

Sending you special kisses on this special day. Happy Kiss Day!

Nothing can be more precious than a kiss from your sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day!

Thanks for all your love and support. Lots of warm kisses to you on this special day. Happy Kiss Day!

Feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime. Happy Kiss Day!

The first time I kissed you I was totally addicted to you. Baby, you are everything. Happy Kiss Day!

Only if you knew how madly I am in love with you. You are the only man I want to kiss for the rest of my life. Happy Kiss Day!

I forget everything around me when you hug me tight and kiss me on the forehead. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss energizes my soul and keeps my heart warm. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss is my sweet relief after a tiring day, your hug is the salvation I seek and your love is the greatest gift I have ever received. Happy Kiss Day!

I wish you kiss me so hard that you suck all the blood out of me. I won’t mind if you’re revealed to be a vampire. Happy Kiss Day!

I wouldn’t trade your kiss for anything else in the world. Sending you kisses on the Kiss Day. Happy Kiss Day!

All I want today is your kiss. I am missing you, please come back soon. Happy Kiss Day!

Life is meaningless without your kiss. Happy Kiss Day!

Get ready to have a day filled with love and lots of kisses. Happy Kiss Day!

Kisses are like happiness. So it feels best when shared. Happy Kiss Day!

Kissing you is like a drug to me and you are my addiction. Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss me every day and every day I will fall for you more and more. Happy Kiss Day!

The moment we kiss each other is the moment I want to pause forever. Happy Kiss Day!

A kiss from your tender lips is like catching a glimpse of what heaven tastes like. Happy Kiss Day!

Kisses keep a person healthy. So, I’m giving my love lots and lots of kisses. Happy Kiss Day!

There is no gift greater that a sweet kiss from you on my lips. Happy Kiss Day!

Sometimes I fail to find words to express my love for you. That’s why I prefer kisses over words. Happy Kiss Day!

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back. Happy Kiss Day!

On this special day, I want to shower my love on you. Always remember, I am just one kiss away. Happy Kiss Day!

On this special kiss day, lots of hugs and kisses to my dearest angel. Happy Kiss Day!

May our love bloom with time. Let’s have a great day together. Lots of kisses for you. Happy Kiss Day!

May the love between us get stronger day by day, and I hope every day of my life starts with your kisses. Happy Kiss Day!

I have so many ways to prove my love for you, but on this day, I prefer to start everything with a kiss. Happy Kiss Day!

Let your lips touch mine and be grateful to almighty for giving us each other. Happy Kiss Day!

Never keep the best things in your life, like kisses. Give it away, whenever you can. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss has a healing power that fades away all my worries. Happy Kiss Day!

You are the only person I want to kiss for the rest of my life. Happy Kiss Day!

One kiss could bind two souls in a second. Just like ours. Happy Kiss Day!

Sunshine gives warmth, Rain gives water, Air supports life and a passionate kiss energizes the soul. Happy Kiss Day!

Now matter how many kisses I give you, but I can never forget the feeling of our first kiss. Happy Kiss Day!

A kiss from you gives me an abundance of happiness and joy. May we never part, sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day!

A kiss from you early in the morning makes my day so pleasant. Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss is the most pure form of love, make love to me baby. Happy Kiss Day!

You calm down my anger with your kiss and we end up not fighting. Happy Kiss Day!

Your lips are half the reason why I fall in love every day with you. Today, all I want is to kiss you on your lips. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss is the key to paradise. I want to be in paradise and I want the key now. Happy Kiss Day!

Love keeps our hearts in sync, but kisses bring us closer every time we feel like losing it. Happy Kiss Day!

I want to begin my days with your kiss and end them with your kiss Happy Kiss Day!

Wishing you a warm and lovely kiss day. Lots of love and kisses to you. Happy Kiss Day!

Lots of warm kisses to you on this special day. Happy Kiss Day!